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Friday, January 7th, 2011
11:35 am
Mod post, and apology
Hi all,

Apologies to anyone whose eyeballs were assaulted by that last entry. I've taken it down and marked it as spam.

I don't want to delete this community, because I think we did something quite useful, but since we are no longer fundraising, I've now closed membership and moved posts to moderator-approved.

Kind regards,


ETA: I'll happily approve posts about fundraising efforts or links to similar auctions to benefit those affected by other natural disasters etc, but this is not a forum for politics (even the kind I agree with), polemics or porn, so please don't bother.
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
3:32 pm
Not sure if this community's still going, but just in case - Kangaroo Ground and Research CFAs are holding a fun run on the 13th September to raise funds for their brigades. There are two distances, 4km and 10km, and there's coffee/market etc afterwards.

More information at http://runforthefiries.com/
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
4:45 pm
Losing momentum?
Hi all,

Just a gentle reminder to those who made (top bid) offers on items that it would be nice if you could get around to donating and posting your receipt numbers sometime soon. I know that it's not an easy time for a lot of people at present, and I'm not about to chase after people demanding donations, but if it has just gotten a little bit forgotten over time, perhaps you could bring it to mind again? The Red Cross needs your donation now just as much as it did three months ago.

And an equally gentle reminder to those who kindly offered items and/or services for auction that if your bidder has made his/her donation, you need to get in contact with them and work out when and how delivery will take place. It would be a shame to wear out the goodwill that this auction has generated.

Thank you to all,

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
10:28 pm
Anything I write as a title will look like spam...
... since this post is to remind winning bidders to Claim Your Prize!

Thank you to everyone who has already made their donation or sent their handiwork to one of our bidders.

For those who placed a winning bid but have not yet made their donation, this is a gentle reminder that donations can be made through the Australian Red Cross Website, or by calling 1800 811 700. More ways to donate below the cutCollapse )

Once you have done this, please post your receipt number as a comment to the original post where you made your bid, so that the person who offered the item can arrange its delivery to you.

If you are not sure if you won something, you can check the list of winning bidders here, or go back to the post where you made your bid, or contact either the person offering the item or me.

I, for one, have already received two very lovely items in the mail, and am looking forward to a big baking day once my biscuit bidders have got in contact!

And if you're looking for something immediately practical to do over the next few weeks or weekends, check out aphephobia's post below - the Victorian Farmers' Federation are looking for volunteers to help with fencing. The kind you put around properties, that is, not the kind you do with swords...

That's all for now - expect a post in a week or two detailing anything I find out about donating handmade items directly to those affected by the bushfires.

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Sunday, March 15th, 2009
12:32 am
Going, going... gone!
Thank you to everyone who bid or who put something up for auction. Between us, we will have raised exactly $1,000 for the Red Cross Australia Victorian Bushfire Appeal (no, I didn't cheat - add it up yourself!).

Now for the fun part...

I've listed all the auction items and the auction winners below. If you have won an auction item, please make a donation of the amount you offered as your top bid to the Bushfire Appeal. The easiest way to donate is by credit card (phone or internet) or direct debit (internet or at your local branch), however cheques and money orders are also accepted. How to donateCollapse )

Once you have made your donation, please go back to the original post where you made your bid, and post a comment with your receipt number. The person who offered the item will then arrange delivery of the item or service you bid on.

And the winners are... Read more...Collapse )

Thank you again to all who participated. This community will stay open, with a focus on other fundraisers around the place, and perhaps to work together on a collection of handmade items to donate directly to people who have been affected by the bushfires (this is a bit of a long-term project, so we'll see how we go).

Much love,


(and isn't this rain marvellous?)

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Monday, March 9th, 2009
3:55 pm
Less than a week left in the Auction!
Just a reminder that bids on the Auction close this Saturday, March 14, at midnight Melbourne time (GMT+11) - by which I mean one minute after 11.59pm on Saturday night. I'm not entirely sure how one notates this, and I probably should have made it 11.59pm all along...

This means you have five more days in which to bid on items for this auction (and a little less than four more days in which to offer items for bidding)!

A list of items and bids is below the LJ-cut - I've highlighted the items which currently have attracted no bids - all the better to hunt for bargains!Read more...Collapse )

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
4:24 pm
Felted dolls
I have three items for auction:


The grey doll is named Myron, after Evan Dorkin's Myron the Living Voodoo Doll character, and the little white guys are Kodama, and were based on the kodama in Princess Mononoke, and designed by the talented Smartygirl who has very nicely given me permission to donate items made from her pattern. (I thought I'd better ask, since I wouldn't want to *sell* things made from someone else's pattern..)


Kodama 1:

Kodama 2:

Myron is 6 inches tall, not counting his hair, the first kodama is 5 inches, and the second is 4 inches. I will pay postage to get them to their new homes, but you'll have to be patient - I live in Macau, and the postal service from here can be slow!

Starting bid: $10 each.
Thursday, February 26th, 2009
2:39 pm
Positively the last Auction Extension!
The votes are in, and it would appear that the majority want to continue the auction to March 14th.

Thus, the new dates for this auction are:

Closing time for posting of new items to the auction: midday Melbourne time (GMT+11) on Friday March 13th

Closing time for bids: midnight Melbourne time (GMT+11) on Saturday March 14th

I know this won't make everyone happy. I'm sorry about that - I do like the idea of organising a second auction, but not immediately after the first one - this has been a bit more time-consuming than I had expected.

One option for those sellers who would prefer a March 1 finish is to post a quick update today linking to their original offer and saying their auction ends on March 1. Alternatively, if you have offered an item for auction you can nominate a 'buy now' amount to speed up the process - if someone has already paid your 'buy now' amount, then you can contact them to arrange for the donation and delivery.

I'll contact all the winning bidders and offerers of Shiny Stuff as soon as practical after March 14th, to help co-ordinate things.

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
12:50 am
Offer: Tarot reading (Phone, N.America)
My partner, who's pretty good at Tarot, is offering a 1/2 hour reading with the Robin Wood deck (or one of her others, to be decided with the winning bidder). We've got a phone service that includes calls all over N. America, so the call is included if you're in the US or Canada.

Starting bid $20.
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
9:44 pm
Two announcements and a vote
Hi all,

I made a rather bad mistake in my last post, claiming that the auction was ending on March 28, not February 28. I did correct it, but I'm sorry if I confused anyone.

However, several people have expressed interest in extending the auction, generally so that they can finish things they would like to offer. Personally, it feels odd to me to finish a fundraiser when fact that the bushfires are still going (new bushfires in some cases, but not in all). On the other hand, I don't want people to get tired of the whole thing, or feel that they are being asked to donate again when they have already done what they can afford to do.

So I'm taking a vote. Do we continue the auction until March 14th, or do we finish this Saturday as planned? Please leave your answer below. I'll count the votes up on Thursday night and let you know the result.

Secondly, there are a lot of other fundraisers and things people can do to help those affected by the bushfires. I'm trying my best to keep a list on the Profile Page of anything that is drawn to my attention. Please feel free to draw things to my attention - I'll try to update the Profile page within 24 hours. After the auction is finished, I will try to profile some of these activities on this community, and I'd love it if others did the same.

Finally - what you have all been waiting for (I hope): the new, improved, list of items offered and current bids. I've also started tagging entries to the best of my ability - let me know if you want me to change your tags. Read more...Collapse )

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
9:47 pm
Leafy Irish Rose Hair Ornament
Hello, all! This is plasticinecupid.

**I'm offering FREE SHIPPING to the buyer as part of my donation.**

Up for auction I have one Leafy Irish Rose Hair Ornament crocheted from 100% wool yarn. Other materials include a nickel spring latch clip sewn to the back with hemp thread. This clip is sturdy and easy to fasten in your hair. The ornament's eye-catching colors and floral motif make it a festive springtime accessory. ^_^

Starting bid: $6 (USD)

Note: The colors in the first photo are most accurate, and give you an idea of the ornament's scale.

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4:25 pm
It's not too late to offer something for auction!
Just a reminder that the closing date to put something up for auction on this site is now February 27. So if you were wanting to offer something but thought it might be too late - there is still time!

Though you might want to consider giving people time to bid before the auction closes at midnight GMT+11 on February 28...

If you're still in the bidding (or haven't started yet!), a list of items offered and current high bids can be found here. Adding all the top bids together, we've raised over $850 so far... thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm (not to mention your creativity).

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Saturday, February 21st, 2009
4:13 am
digital art (photo tweaks or digital paintings)

I am an art student, and would be more than happy to offer my services, even if I am jumping in somewhat late in the game.

I can either do photoshop based photo editing (like, if someone wants cat eyes added to their portrait, or elf ears, or a smaller waist, or something to that effect) or digital art.

some quick thumbnails of digital paintings (and one traditional work at the end) are here

otherwise, check out my deviantart account.

If anyone is interested in seeing other examples, or examples of a specific type of art (more anime-style art, or comic style art, or quasi-realistic art, or an example of a photoshopped image) simply ask and I'd be happy to oblige.

Any artwork would be sent via the wonderful internets; there would therefore be no shipping and handling involved. (The recipient could print it out in whatever form they wished, or post it wherever, and so on.)

Minimum bid is $2 (Australian).

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2:41 am
Eye of the Storm, m/m romance
Hi.. I'm an author of gay romance (hope that doesn't distress anyone here) and I would like to donate a copy of my new book, Eye of the Storm, in memory of my beloved Waya (icon) who left me a couple of days ago at age 16. This is the 3rd book in the "Articles of War" series; it follows Ransom and Winds of Change.

I have friends in Australia--thankfully they were not hurt by this disaster!--and would like to do something to help. The minimum bid is $15, which is about what the book would cost at Amazon, and I'll autograph it to the winner and mail it out anywhere in the world. There'll be a couple of bookmarks included in this prize.

If you've got Eye already, you can substitute any of my other in-print books.

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Friday, February 20th, 2009
3:47 pm
Pet Rat Bed
I have a pink girl rat hanging bed and hanging treat pouch.  This bed is constructed like a tunnel, but sewn up in the back so sleeping ratties can't fall out or be picked on by their cagemates :)  Constructed from pink quilted exterior and purple polka dot flannel interior, the bed measures 8.5" by 6" when laid flat.  The treat pouch is about 4" x 4" and hangs alittle open so ratties can't get stuck.  I will ship to US, Australia, UK, and Canada for free.  Bidding starts at $1.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
12:48 pm
Knitting auction with a twist

Hello hello! Call me kiji_kat .

I got a set of knitting looms for Christmas, and I've been unable to stop knitting since. As such, I'm offering up some hand-knitted items, but the auction has a bit of a twist.

The winning bidder for this auction can win one of two things, depending on what they choose. First, I can make a hat/scarf combo for you from this soft, wonderful yarn. I'm still learning how to make scarves, but a hat/scarf combo makes more sense than a hat/hat combo. In other words, the scarf may take a little longer than the hat, but you *will* get your items!

If you don't care for cold weather gear, then you can instead use your bid to help people who desperately need it. For every $10 the winner bids, I will knit a hat and donate it to the Native American Heritage Association. NAHA works with Native American tribes in South Dakota, many of whom live in crushing poverty on reservations. Winters in the state are especially brutal, and the Association frequently holds clothing drives to try to ensure that these people have warm things to wear during the cold, snowy months. The money you bid will be donated to Australian brushfire relief, while the hats you "win" will go to people who need and greatly appreciate them.

Sound good? Then how about we start the bidding at $10?
5:19 pm
An item from my shop!
Hi, I'm Conor, or theycallmeboy.

I would like to offer up for auction one item from my online shop, Forever Fifteen. You'll find lots of different designs, all with more than moderate levels of snark.

Once the auction is completed, the winner can send me an e-mail including what item they would like and an address that I can mail it to. The only thing that's off limits would be the 100 packs of buttons - in tight times like this, I can't really afford US$87. :-)

How about we start the bidding at ten Australian dollars?
Friday, February 20th, 2009
12:35 am
Reverse Offer - How you can help me!

I know this is kind of reversed, but I am willing to donate money to the bushfire appeal in return for any of the following services provided to me:

  • Installation of a ceiling fan

  • Small plumbing repair

  • House cleaning

  • Gardening

  • Car cleaning

  • Gluten free baking/cooking

  • Rubbish removal (one trip to the dump)

  • Dog Wash

Location is South Brisbane. If you're interested just comment or email me - use my username at gmail. Mention service and requested price.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
11:51 am
Community update
A few brief announcements...

First, if you have only just found this community, welcome! There is a post here that explains about how this community works and what we are doing, or if you prefer you can just hop over to the Profile page for more information on this community and some other things you can do to help.

We've had a wonderful response so far, so thank you to everyone who has participated - and please keep spreading the word! At the moment, if the auction stopped right now we would have raised over $850 (plus a little bit more, by providing links to the Bushfire Appeal for a few people who hadn't already found it). You people are marvellous!

Because things have been picking up a bit (and because I'm now going to be involved in a wedding and thus not updating this journal on February 28th), I've decided to extend both the auction and the offer period slightly. You can now add items to the auction at any time up until Friday, February 27th, and the close of the auction is now midnight Melbourne Time (GMT+11) on Saturday, February 28th.

Don't feel like scrolling down through all the offers and bids? Here's a table of who has offered what and where the bidding stands right now. I'll post another update mid-next week, and maybe one next Friday for the last-minute bidders...  (Updated Feb 20, 4:45pm)
Read more...Collapse )

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
9:43 pm
Will write for the cause!
Gonna sound lame probably, but I wanna help. I'm going with a sponsering type deal, so you donate to the fund if you want me to write something. I think it sounds fair. I'm not asking for any price, but that people must donate at least something. A dollar at the least, Aussie.

I'll take requests also, but only in the following fandoms as I'm not familiar with all...

Dark Angel
Home and Away (to keep in the Aussie spirit)
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
21 Jump Street
How I Met Your Mother

&& a few more I may consider but can't think of off the top of my head. Just let me know, guys. Donations are needed, though I must say well done to my school, as during our fundraiser we managed to raise $4,877.25 Australian simply from a non-uniform day. YAY. xP


A friend of mine is willing to write a few more fandoms, and she's more than willing to write slash as a specialty in any of the following:
* Harry Potter
* Naruto
* The Melancholy of Suzumiya haruhi
* Gravitation
* Death Note
* How I Met Your Mother (Slash)
* The Rocky Horror Picture Show
* Ouran High School Host Club

Therefore - many more options are available to you guys.

Peace. .xx.

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