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Going, going... gone!

Thank you to everyone who bid or who put something up for auction. Between us, we will have raised exactly $1,000 for the Red Cross Australia Victorian Bushfire Appeal (no, I didn't cheat - add it up yourself!).

Now for the fun part...

I've listed all the auction items and the auction winners below. If you have won an auction item, please make a donation of the amount you offered as your top bid to the Bushfire Appeal. The easiest way to donate is by credit card (phone or internet) or direct debit (internet or at your local branch), however cheques and money orders are also accepted.

Call 1800 811 700 (within Australia) or donate online through the Australian Red Cross Website.

If you don't have a credit card, you can donate by direct deposit or at your local NAB branch to:
"Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund"
National Australia Bank,
345 George St, Sydney Australia
BSB: 082001
Account: 860046797

(Australian donors just need the BSB and Account number; the rest of the details are needed for international donations)

Cheques or money orders payable to The Australian Red Cross can be sent to:
GPO Box 2957, Melbourne, Victoria 8060, Australia

(please indicate which appeal or activity you would like your donation to go towards)

Once you have made your donation, please go back to the original post where you made your bid, and post a comment with your receipt number. The person who offered the item will then arrange delivery of the item or service you bid on.

And the winners are...

Artwork and Digital Art
ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Linocut print: "Winter Trees"theuppitywoman$55Jen Makin (Brunswick)
Handmade greeting cardslittleblueghost$15bekscilla
Handmade greeting cardslittleblueghost$10thisaboveall
Digital art (photo tweaks or digital paintings)suzume_tori$10timedrift
User Iconsverylisa$45 total17catherines, rosemaryinwheat
Icons/banners/wallpaperzergs$128 totalkytii, michimusic, timedrift

Furnishings, Toys and things for Pets
ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Tram cushionvestalvagrant$35truly_bohemian
Crocheted Afghanrosemaryinwheat$80rotheche
Felt toysmawaridi$45zeto
Crocheted book coverrosemaryinwheat$8socraticomatic
Pet rat bed and treat pouchpyrrhichistory$5tcpip

Clothing, Jewelry and Perfumes
ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Hand-knitted socksverylisa$50Jen Makin (Brunswick)
Crocheted fingerless glovesrosemaryinwheat$2017catherines
Knitted hat/scarf combo to keep or donatekiji_kat$30aphephobia
Snarky T-shirts, mugs and other itemstheycallmeboy$25aphephobia
BPAL Fragrance: Le Fredericaphephobia$25acerbicmuffin
BPAL Fragrance: Friday the 13thaphephobia$20acerbicmuffin

ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Autographed CD: Tales from the Fiddle Treemichimusic$4017catherines
Autographed CD: Curved Spacemichimusic$23 (?)shorefadingaway
Autographed CD: Twisted path


ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Tarot reading (Glen Waverley, Australia)satyapriya$50kristenfleur
Tarot readinglee_rowan$25ozreison
Computer training / expertisenerddette$100Nanette in Toowoomba

Writing, books and fanfic
ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser
Gay romance novel: Eye of the storm (autographed copy donated by author)lee_rowan$20aphephobia

Things to eat
ItemOffered byWinning bidPurchaser

Still unsold are:

- A portrait in pencil offered by jen_stotland
- Some spooky felted Dolls, offered by bunnikins
- Leafy Irish Rose hair ornament, offered by plasticinecupid
- Native America style beadwork, offered by draconicdreams
- Fanfic, offered by atlas_white
- Fanfic, offered by sjwinchester

If anyone has come in late and desperately wants to purchase one of these items, perhaps they could negotiate directly with the person offering the item.

Thank you again to all who participated. This community will stay open, with a focus on other fundraisers around the place, and perhaps to work together on a collection of handmade items to donate directly to people who have been affected by the bushfires (this is a bit of a long-term project, so we'll see how we go).

Much love,


(and isn't this rain marvellous?)
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