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Anything I write as a title will look like spam...

... since this post is to remind winning bidders to Claim Your Prize!

Thank you to everyone who has already made their donation or sent their handiwork to one of our bidders.

For those who placed a winning bid but have not yet made their donation, this is a gentle reminder that donations can be made through the Australian Red Cross Website, or by calling 1800 811 700.

If you don't have a credit card, you can donate by direct deposit or at your local NAB branch to:
"Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund"
National Australia Bank,
345 George St, Sydney Australia
BSB: 082001
Account: 860046797

(Australian donors just need the BSB and Account number; the rest of the details are needed for international donations)

Cheques or money orders payable to The Australian Red Cross can be sent to:
GPO Box 2957, Melbourne, Victoria 8060, Australia

Once you have done this, please post your receipt number as a comment to the original post where you made your bid, so that the person who offered the item can arrange its delivery to you.

If you are not sure if you won something, you can check the list of winning bidders here, or go back to the post where you made your bid, or contact either the person offering the item or me.

I, for one, have already received two very lovely items in the mail, and am looking forward to a big baking day once my biscuit bidders have got in contact!

And if you're looking for something immediately practical to do over the next few weeks or weekends, check out aphephobia's post below - the Victorian Farmers' Federation are looking for volunteers to help with fencing. The kind you put around properties, that is, not the kind you do with swords...

That's all for now - expect a post in a week or two detailing anything I find out about donating handmade items directly to those affected by the bushfires.
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