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Will write for the cause!

Gonna sound lame probably, but I wanna help. I'm going with a sponsering type deal, so you donate to the fund if you want me to write something. I think it sounds fair. I'm not asking for any price, but that people must donate at least something. A dollar at the least, Aussie.

I'll take requests also, but only in the following fandoms as I'm not familiar with all...

Dark Angel
Home and Away (to keep in the Aussie spirit)
Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
21 Jump Street
How I Met Your Mother

&& a few more I may consider but can't think of off the top of my head. Just let me know, guys. Donations are needed, though I must say well done to my school, as during our fundraiser we managed to raise $4,877.25 Australian simply from a non-uniform day. YAY. xP


A friend of mine is willing to write a few more fandoms, and she's more than willing to write slash as a specialty in any of the following:
* Harry Potter
* Naruto
* The Melancholy of Suzumiya haruhi
* Gravitation
* Death Note
* How I Met Your Mother (Slash)
* The Rocky Horror Picture Show
* Ouran High School Host Club

Therefore - many more options are available to you guys.

Peace. .xx.
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