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Knitting auction with a twist

Hello hello! Call me kiji_kat .

I got a set of knitting looms for Christmas, and I've been unable to stop knitting since. As such, I'm offering up some hand-knitted items, but the auction has a bit of a twist.

The winning bidder for this auction can win one of two things, depending on what they choose. First, I can make a hat/scarf combo for you from this soft, wonderful yarn. I'm still learning how to make scarves, but a hat/scarf combo makes more sense than a hat/hat combo. In other words, the scarf may take a little longer than the hat, but you *will* get your items!

If you don't care for cold weather gear, then you can instead use your bid to help people who desperately need it. For every $10 the winner bids, I will knit a hat and donate it to the Native American Heritage Association. NAHA works with Native American tribes in South Dakota, many of whom live in crushing poverty on reservations. Winters in the state are especially brutal, and the Association frequently holds clothing drives to try to ensure that these people have warm things to wear during the cold, snowy months. The money you bid will be donated to Australian brushfire relief, while the hats you "win" will go to people who need and greatly appreciate them.

Sound good? Then how about we start the bidding at $10?
Tags: clothing and wearable art, textiles
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