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digital art (photo tweaks or digital paintings)


I am an art student, and would be more than happy to offer my services, even if I am jumping in somewhat late in the game.

I can either do photoshop based photo editing (like, if someone wants cat eyes added to their portrait, or elf ears, or a smaller waist, or something to that effect) or digital art.

some quick thumbnails of digital paintings (and one traditional work at the end) are here

otherwise, check out my deviantart account.

If anyone is interested in seeing other examples, or examples of a specific type of art (more anime-style art, or comic style art, or quasi-realistic art, or an example of a photoshopped image) simply ask and I'd be happy to oblige.

Any artwork would be sent via the wonderful internets; there would therefore be no shipping and handling involved. (The recipient could print it out in whatever form they wished, or post it wherever, and so on.)

Minimum bid is $2 (Australian).
Tags: art, computer stuff, visual art
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