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Two announcements and a vote

Hi all,

I made a rather bad mistake in my last post, claiming that the auction was ending on March 28, not February 28. I did correct it, but I'm sorry if I confused anyone.

However, several people have expressed interest in extending the auction, generally so that they can finish things they would like to offer. Personally, it feels odd to me to finish a fundraiser when fact that the bushfires are still going (new bushfires in some cases, but not in all). On the other hand, I don't want people to get tired of the whole thing, or feel that they are being asked to donate again when they have already done what they can afford to do.

So I'm taking a vote. Do we continue the auction until March 14th, or do we finish this Saturday as planned? Please leave your answer below. I'll count the votes up on Thursday night and let you know the result.

Secondly, there are a lot of other fundraisers and things people can do to help those affected by the bushfires. I'm trying my best to keep a list on the Profile Page of anything that is drawn to my attention. Please feel free to draw things to my attention - I'll try to update the Profile page within 24 hours. After the auction is finished, I will try to profile some of these activities on this community, and I'd love it if others did the same.

Finally - what you have all been waiting for (I hope): the new, improved, list of items offered and current bids. I've also started tagging entries to the best of my ability - let me know if you want me to change your tags.

Artwork and Digital Art
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Linocut print: "Winter Trees"theuppitywoman$25$35
Portrait in penciljen_stotland$50 
Handmade greeting cardslittleblueghost$8$10
Handmade greeting cardslittleblueghost$8 
Digital art (photo tweaks or digital paintings)suzume_tori$2$10
User Iconsverylisa$2 each (unlimited)$45
Icons/banners/wallpaperzergs$2/$5/$5 each (unlimited)$120

Furnishings, Toys and things for Pets
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Tram cushionvestalvagrant$25$35
Crocheted Afghanrosemaryinwheat$45$80
Felt toysmawaridi$20$45
Crocheted book coverrosemaryinwheat$5 
Snarky T-shirts, mugs and other itemstheycallmeboy$10$25
Pet rat bed and treat pouchpyrrhichistory$1$5

Clothing, Jewelry and Perfumes
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Hand-knitted socksverylisa$30$50
Crocheted fingerless glovesrosemaryinwheat$5$20
Knitted hat/scarf combo to keep or donatekiji_kat$10$30
Leafy Irish Rose hair ornamentplasticinecupid$6
Snarky T-shirts, mugs and other itemstheycallmeboy$10$25
Native America style beadworkdraconicdreams$10ea (unlimited)
BPAL Fragrance: Le Fredericaphephobia$15$20
BPAL Fragrance: Friday the 13thaphephobia$15$20

ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Autographed CD: Tales from the Fiddle Treemichimusic$15$20
Autographed CD: Curved Spacemichimusic$15$18.50
Autographed CD: Twisted path

ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Tarot readingsatyapriya$45$50
Computer training / expertisenerddette$40$100
Donations offered in return for household helpnerddette$$

Writing, books and fanfic
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Gay romance novel: Eye of the storm (autographed copy donated by author)lee_rowan$15$20
Sponsor some fanficsjwinchester$1$

Things to eat
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid

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