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Positively the last Auction Extension!

The votes are in, and it would appear that the majority want to continue the auction to March 14th.

Thus, the new dates for this auction are:

Closing time for posting of new items to the auction: midday Melbourne time (GMT+11) on Friday March 13th

Closing time for bids: midnight Melbourne time (GMT+11) on Saturday March 14th

I know this won't make everyone happy. I'm sorry about that - I do like the idea of organising a second auction, but not immediately after the first one - this has been a bit more time-consuming than I had expected.

One option for those sellers who would prefer a March 1 finish is to post a quick update today linking to their original offer and saying their auction ends on March 1. Alternatively, if you have offered an item for auction you can nominate a 'buy now' amount to speed up the process - if someone has already paid your 'buy now' amount, then you can contact them to arrange for the donation and delivery.

I'll contact all the winning bidders and offerers of Shiny Stuff as soon as practical after March 14th, to help co-ordinate things.
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