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vicbushfirefund's Journal

Fundraising Auction for the Victorian Bushfire App
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This is an online auction to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009
Thanks for visiting this community. We are trying to raise funds for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. The basic idea is that a lot of people are not in a position to donate much in the way of money, but still want to do something to help fundraise. This is a place where you can put your skills or talents up for auction - offer to knit a scarf, write a story, give a language class, bake a cake, help someone with their garden or their tax - and the lucky winner of your skills will donate the amount they have offered to the Red Cross Appeal.

You don't have to be Australian or in Australia to post or bid on an item (though some items are only going to be available in a local area - but that locality can be wherever the poster is), and you don't need a credit card to donate to the Red Cross.

Of course, we encourage you to donate directly in one of the following ways:

Donate Directly to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal
Call 1800 811 700 (within Australia) or donate online through the Australian Red Cross Website.

If you don't have a credit card, you can donate by direct deposit or at your local NAB branch to:
"Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund"
National Australia Bank,
345 George St, Sydney Australia
BSB: 082001
Account: 860046797

(Australian donors just need the BSB and Account number; the rest of the details are needed for international donations)

Give Blood
Call 13 14 95 (within Australia) to make an appointment, or register your interest online
If you aren't in Australia - give blood anyway! It is always needed somewhere.

Donate to the Wildlife Australia and RSPCA Bushfire Appeals
For the non-human Australians. Wildlife Australia specialises in helping native animals, and the RSPCA for animals generally, but primarily domestic animals and horses.

How do I participate in the Auction?

To offer something for auction, simply make a post in this community before midday Melbourne time (GMT+11) on Friday, March 13th saying what you are willing to offer. Your post should include:

- your LJ name. If you do not have an LJ, contact 17catherines with your details and an email address, and she will post the offer on your behalf.
- what you can offer (be specific)
- the location of your offer if necessary (ie, if you are offering help in the garden, you need to decide how far you are travelling. If you are baking something, better check where you can ship it to!)
- a minimum bid (in Australian dollars, please!)

To buy something at auction, simply make a bid in the comments section any time after the item is posted, up until the close of the Auction. The Auction closes at midnight Melbourne Time (GMT+11), Saturday, March 14th, 2009. Bids are in Australian dollars (check the exchange rate here if you like. You will probably be pleasantly surprised). You don't need an LJ to bid, but if you don't have one, please provide an email address so that we can contact you if need be.

The highest bidder on an item at the close of the auction will win that item. A list of winners and bids will be posted as soon as possible after the auction closes (please be patient as the moderator does need to sleep and also to work).

Winners should make their donation directly to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, and post a comment with their receipt number when they have done this. I'm afraid we are working a on the honour system here - I will notify sellers when I receive notification from the buyers, but it is up to the sellers to do the right thing and get in contact with the buyer as promptly as possible to arrange postage.

I'll post a grand total on the journal in early March so we can see what we have achieved.

Visit the welcome post for this journal for some ideas of things to donate

Other really good ideas

Read this article!

There's a wonderful article here by a woman who lost her home in the Canberra bushfires. It's absolutely overflowing with really good ideas about what sort of help people are likely to need and when. If you are trying to think of something to do, this is a great place to start looking.


Volunteering Australia has responded to a request from the Victorian Government to establish a registration process for people interested in becoming a volunteer.

Offer Accommodation

Bushfirehousing.org allows you to register to provide accommodation for people who have been left homeless. With 1800 houses lost to date, the need is quite extensive, so please consider this.

Art Fundraiser

Handmade Help - Art Fights Fire is holding a fundraiser and raffle at Outré in Melbourne (249 Elizabeth St) on February 25th. Follow the link for details. In fact, have a look at the whole Hand Made Help website, as they have heaps of good ideas of things to do.

Shop to support the Bushfire Appeal

Etsy sells a range of handmade goods from handspun wool and handmade paper to clothes and artwork. Many of their contributors have donated items to sell for the benefit of the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Click here to visit their Oz Bushfire Appeal store.

£2 donated for every necklace purchased at deeunique.co.uk

For every necklace purchased from her 'unusual' design collection, beadydani will donate £2 to the Bushfire Appeal. She will also throw in a free pair of earrings. A random collection of her work is available on her LJ slideshow. It's beautiful stuff. Visit www.deeunique.co.uk, or contact deeunique@email.com with any queries or customised orders.

Donate books

Borders is collecting new and good-condition second-hand books to donate to schools and libraries affected by the fires. Also, they will match the retail price of all donated books and donate that money to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. So you get to help twice!

Charity Fanzine

angriest has created a fanzine called Hope, to raise money for bushfire relief in the Australian state of Victoria. It is edited by Grant Watson, with contributions donated by writers, artists and fans in Australia and from overseas. It is supported by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF), and has received assistance from the Film & Television Institute of WA, Supanova and Big Finish Productions. Visit this page for more information.

Make something beautiful and donate it

Hand-made items - clothes, toys, tablecloths, quilts - are things which perhaps we don't *need* but they are also things that make us happy to look at them, and an expression of love by the maker, even when that maker is a stranger (read the article I linked to above if you don't believe me).

If you feel like making something to donate, please contact 17catherines. We will probably wait until Easter or thereabouts to contact the Red Cross and find out where we can send stuff to, since obviously there are a lot of much more urgently needed things out there. But then, that gives us lots of time to make stuff, doesn't it?

Help out the horses

Ascot Saddlery are taking donations of goods from their shop in Flemington:
540 Racecourse Rd
VIC, 3031

Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria has a lost and found register, and are accepting donations of money and goods. They also have a form you can fill out to offer other assistance.

Triple R Equine Welfare are also accepting donations of money and fodder to assist in the long-term care of horses injured in the fires.
Leave a comment or contact 17catherines if you have any other links that you think belong here.