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Less than a week left in the Auction!

Just a reminder that bids on the Auction close this Saturday, March 14, at midnight Melbourne time (GMT+11) - by which I mean one minute after 11.59pm on Saturday night. I'm not entirely sure how one notates this, and I probably should have made it 11.59pm all along...

This means you have five more days in which to bid on items for this auction (and a little less than four more days in which to offer items for bidding)!

A list of items and bids is below the LJ-cut - I've highlighted the items which currently have attracted no bids - all the better to hunt for bargains!

Artwork and Digital Art
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid or amount raised
Linocut print: "Winter Trees"theuppitywoman$25$35
Portrait in penciljen_stotland$50Be the first to bid on this item!
Handmade greeting cardslittleblueghost$8 (two lots)$10
Digital art (photo tweaks or digital paintings)suzume_tori$2$10
User Iconsverylisa$2 each (unlimited)$45
Icons/banners/wallpaperzergs$2/$5/$5 each (unlimited)$128

Furnishings, Toys and things for Pets
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Tram cushionvestalvagrant$25$35
Crocheted Afghanrosemaryinwheat$45$80
Felt toysmawaridi$20$45
Felted Dolls (from Princess Mononoke)bunnikins$10 each (three dolls)Be the first to bid on this item!
Crocheted book coverrosemaryinwheat$5$8
Snarky T-shirts, mugs and other itemstheycallmeboy$10$25
Pet rat bed and treat pouchpyrrhichistory$1$5

Clothing, Jewelry and Perfumes
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Hand-knitted socksverylisa$30$50
Crocheted fingerless glovesrosemaryinwheat$5$20
Knitted hat/scarf combo to keep or donatekiji_kat$10$30
Leafy Irish Rose hair ornamentplasticinecupid$6 USD ($10 AUD)Be the first to bid on this item!
Snarky T-shirts, mugs and other itemstheycallmeboy$10$25
Native America style beadworkdraconicdreams$10ea (unlimited)Be the first to bid on this item!
BPAL Fragrance: Le Fredericaphephobia$15$25
BPAL Fragrance: Friday the 13thaphephobia$15$20

ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Autographed CD: Tales from the Fiddle Treemichimusic$15$40 sold
Autographed CD: Curved Spacemichimusic$15$18.50 sold
Autographed CD: Twisted path

ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Tarot reading (Glen Waverley, Australia)satyapriya$45$50
Tarot readinglee_rowan$20$25
Computer training / expertisenerddette$40$100
Donations offered in return for household helpnerddette$Be the first to bid on this item!

Writing, books and fanfic
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid
Gay romance novel: Eye of the storm (autographed copy donated by author)lee_rowan$15$20
Fanficatlas_white$15Be the first to bid on this item!
Sponsor some fanficsjwinchester$1Be the first to bid on this item!

Things to eat
ItemOffered byMinimum bidHigh bid

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